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Advent of Frontend Architecture - supporting materials

December 20, 2023

Below you will find supporting materials for my lightning talk, “Advent of Frontend Architecture”, at the BarcelonaJS meetup.



🥂 Pair tech concept

Two developers are brainstorming an implementation plan on a call. A good alternative to pair programming in fully remote environments.

🍻 Design it twice

Fully spec out first version of your implementation plan. Put it aside and try to spec out an alternative version. Compare the two to come up with the final version.

🎊 Throw away

Without any thorough planning, go ahead and implement the first quick & dirty version. Throw it away. Spec out a proper implementation plan based on your learnings.

🪐 Don’t change jobs

Stay on the same project until your own decisions come back to you in the form of poor, unmaintainable code.


Back story

This talk is based on “The road to Software Architecture (frontend edition)” article and is inspired by CSS Christmas Calendar website.

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