Making websites in 2019

Kate Marshalkina

Hi, I’m Kate 💡

I love solving problems regardless of type of work: from basic client support to advanced devops tasks. I do it better when I understand how things work but sometimes it just feels like magic.

[email protected] ~ @kalabro ~ GitHub ~ Drupal

Automated releases in a cross-language monorepo

September 14, 2019

Sharing my recent experience in automating software releases in a monorepo.

Don't get lost in never ending learning curve

March 17, 2019

Maintaining mental health for Senior Software Engineers

Reading list: on technical leadership

August 04, 2018

I've got a couple of great resources to share with those who eventually found themselves in a team lead / tech lead shoes...

Decode Alias and Union Types in Elm

January 21, 2018

I’m so exited to open this blog with a post about Elm, a functional programming language for building web frontend. As a user, I interact with Elm almost every day...